Monday, 3 May 2010


SNP candidate Annabelle Ewing said the message she has been getting on the doorsteps of the Wee County is that voters are fed up with the politics of sleaze.

The former MP for Perth said: "People want someone they can rely on, someone who will put their interests ahead of lining their own pockets and building up a London property empire."

"I will be Clackmannanshire's representative in Westminster, not
Westminster's representative in Clackmannanshire."

She went on to say that the local Labour party simply could not divorce themselves from the almost daily revelations of yet another instance of sleaze connected with New Labour.

Ms Ewing said: "It's a scandal that Jim Devine, who not so long ago was happily endorsed by Ochil Labour, has applied for and will receive Legal Aid to fight his defence."

"This is the final insult to the public."

Ms Ewing said locally people were angry about the mismanagement of
Clackmannanshire Council¹s budget to the tune of £9 million.
She said: "From speaking to people on the street, it is clear that
Clackmannanshire needs someone who will hold the local council to account, unlike the present Labour MP who has been curiously silent about the incompetence of his Labour colleagues on the council.

"This echoes Gordon Brown's disastrous mismanagement of the UK economy, which now has one of the worst deficits in the western world."

She said the closure of Alloa's public toilets was another example of
short-sighted cuts caused by the Labour-run council's budgetary mismanagement.

She said: "It seems ludicrous on the one hand to spend money in upgrading the town centre to increase the number of visitors, only to send them away again if they need to use the toilet."

Ms Ewing, who came within 688 votes of beating Gordon Banks at the last election, said this time around it was a two horse race and only the SNP can beat Labour.

She said: "Voters need a strong local champion and a strong national
champion for Scotland."

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